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Ms. Cangiano's First Amendment Project

First Amendment - Religion, Speech, Press

Background Knowledge:

Anneberg Classroom - Constitution Guide

*Deliberating in a Democracy - Background Knowledge on Various Issues 

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution


First Amendment Topics:

 USA Today - First Amendment Topics

New York Times - First Amendment Topics

University of Missouri Kansas - School of Law


First Amendment Cases:

*First Amendment Sample Cases - United States Courts

*First Amendment Center - Publications

*First Amendment Center - Articles (Good starting place for issues)

1 For All - First Amendment Examples (Newseum PDF First Amendment Sample Issues)

*First Amendment (Good starting place - Five Freedoms with links to cases)

Free Speech of Employees



American Library Association - First Amendment Case Summaries



Specific Cases:

Virginia v. Black

 Bethel v. Fraser

Tinker v. Des Moines

Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier

Website Two

Dean v. Utica

Website Two

Morse v. Frederick

New York Times v. Sullivan

Gambino v. Fairfax

Website Two



Ms. Eligio Notes: Justice

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