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Reading Class




Lesson 1

Set up Google Docs Account

Show how to access Reading Class Resources

Resource Evaluation Pre-assessment Quiz

Nuts and Bolts of copying a template to student drive, filling in assignment tracker form, & getting sharable link to submit work


Resource Evaluation - Performance Task

Open Google Doc and make a copy - add your name to the title

Open the link in the document split the screen - complete performance task 

Performance Task Assignment Tracker




Lesson 2

Introduction to the CRAAP TEST

Video CRAAP Test

CRAAP Test Handout 



Resource Evaluation - Practice Topic: Choosing a website for an assignment task such as being asked to write an informational essay about wildfires including the causes, preventive measures, as well as any obstacles associated with controlling wildfires. 


Evaluate an information source (website) for Currency - Authority - Purpose - Relevancy - Purpose

(Need computers, CRAAP Test Handout, Google Doc - Information Source Evaluation)


a) Print Article Discussion Practice - Scholastic Action article, "The Blood-Red Night"

Google search - author Lauren Tarshis

About Me Lauren Tarshis


b) Website Directed Practice

First show Video - URLs

Online Article #1 - The Atlantic site - Notes - A Song of East Coast Media Bias and Fire 

The Atlantic - explanation of Notes


c) Website Guided Practice

Online Article #2 - The Atlantic site - The West's Wildfire Season Gets Worse  


Lesson 3

Review concepts associated with questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 from Pre-assessment Quiz

Guided Practice - use the Google search engine together whole group to look for information on the topic of mosquitoes and how they bite (discuss keywords, use of quotes to keep phrases together, use of Google site: trick, review URL domain extensions, use of the CRAAP test to evaluate potential website selections)

Currency - topic/class & assignment influences whether an article/resource is current enough

Relevancy - refer to assignment requirements

Authority - review of domain extentions (discuss .org, .com, .edu, .gov; best indicator is to perform search on sponsor/author; writer credentials can be biased and/or enhanced)

Accuracy - triangulating; references and/or links to where information obtained

Purpose - inform, teach, sell, entertain, or persuade; i.e. Humane Society



Independent Practice

Perform Google search - Malaria or Mosquito Facts

Use the Information Source Evaluation Google Doc worksheet to begin recording results 



Lesson 4 - January

Review concepts associated with questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9 from Pre-assessment Quiz

Play Website Evaluation Game 

Finish filling out the Information Source Evaluation Google Doc worksheet on Malaria/Mosquito Facts from lesson 3 - midyear

Introduction to and discussion of what constitutes a Beginning versus a Profient response on the Information Source Evaluation Google Doc worksheet using teacher created sample responses (preparation for in depth discussion of "Information Source Evaluation Rubric" next lesson)

Site to use: National Geographic    

Teacher Created Google Doc with sample responses: Teacher Sample

 Pull students to retake quiz for midyear progress check

Resource Evaluation Mid Year Quiz



Lesson 5 - February

Information Source Evaluation Rubric

Teacher Created Google Doc - Compare to Rubric (side by side Sample with Site)

Teacher Sample for Lesson 5

Main Website for Malaria 

History of Malaria Article

Using iPad take one response from performance task and improve answer using "Information Source Evaluation Rubric" and "Information Source Evaluation" Question Stem

Play Website Evaluation Game




Lesson 6 - March

Internet Supported Mid-Year Quiz

   Evaluate two websites using the form - one a .gov site and the other a credible .com site that you find
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