College Process Guidelines

NBHS School Code: 070 563

Step 1: Finalize your list of colleges

How many schools are you planning to apply to? (Recommended 4–7) Does your list include at least one academic and one financial safety school that you would be happy to go to? Do all of your schools have the programs that are important to you?

Step 2: Create/Log on to your Naviance Account

Go to If you have logged on and created your account already, enter your email address & password where indicated. If you do not remember your password, follow the prompts to reset it. If you have not registered on Naviance yet, click on I need to register and enter the registration code on the sticker in your folder. Follow the prompts to set up your account.

Step 3: Enter the colleges into Naviance

Log on to your Naviance account Click on the Colleges tab For schools that you know you are definitely applying to: Click on Colleges ™m Applying To Click on add to this list Go to lookup and either type in the name of the school or search for in the list provided When you have entered all of your schools, click on Add Colleges at the bottom of the page After you have added schools to this list, please indicate where asked whether you are using the Common Application and when you have actually submitted your application. For schools that you are considering, but are not sure about yet: Click on Colleges ™m Thinking About Follow the same procedure as above to add schools to your list If you decided to apply to any of these schools, you can move them over your Colleges ™m Applying To list by selecting the school(s) and clicking on Move to Application List

Step 4: Create an account on

From the Home Page on Naviance, click on the link the Common Application (or go to Click on Never Registered and follow the instructions for completing your registration. Even if you are not sure whether you will use the Common Application for any of your schools, you should complete this step now.

Step 5: Complete your Student Information and Parent Brag Surveys

In your Naviance account, go to the About Me tab On the left hand side, under surveys to take, choose the survey(s) you need to complete When you have completed the survey, click on the save and I am finished button at the bottom of the page. If you are not done yet, click on save and return later Make sure you have completed both surveys before requesting letters of recommendation from your teachers and/or counselor. Teachers will be able to see the surveys on-line; you do not need to print them out.

Step 6: Teacher Recommendations

Most college applications require a recommendation from at least one academic teacher, possibly two. Read your applications carefully and make note of the ones which require teacher recommendations. If you are using the Common Application, teachers will also need to complete a Teacher Evaluation for you, in addition to their letter. Below are the instructions for requesting a teacher recommendation using Naviance. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you speak to your teacher in person to ask if they would be willing to write you a recommendation prior to this step!! Request your Teacher Recommendations using Naviance Go to the Colleges tab Find Teacher Recommendations and click on add/cancel requests Select the teacher(s) that you have asked for a recommendation and then click on Update Requests at the bottom of the page. You should also include a brief note to the teacher in the box provided -- for example: Thanks for agreeing to write a recommendation for me! My application deadline is November 15th. All Teacher Recommendations will be submitted electronically; you do not need to get a copy from your teacher(s).

Step 7: School/Counselor Recommendation

Please request a recommendation from your School Counselor using the same steps as requesting a Teacher Recommendation: Speak to your School Counselor in person Enter the request through Naviance Your School Counselor will also complete the Secondary School Report for students using the Common Application.

Step 8: Request your Transcript

Sign and return a Transcript Release Form to Mrs. Bognar in the Guidance Office – nothing can be submitted to your schools until this step has been completed In Naviance, go to the Colleges tab On the left hand side, under Resources, click on Transcripts (you must have schools listed under Colleges ™m Applying To in order to request a transcript) Click on Request Transcripts for College Applications and select the schools that you would like transcripts sent out to by checking the box next to Add Request. DO NOT request unofficial SAT or ACT scores; all score requests MUST be made through CollegeBoard or ACT (see below). You do not need to request a mid-year transcript at this time. At the bottom of the page, click on the Request Transcripts button. After you have made the request, you will see the Transcript Status screen updated. Once the transcript has been submitted to your school, you will see the date it was submitted and on this screen. When the college has received the transcript, you will also see a confirmation of receipt on this page.

Step 9: Request your SAT and/or ACT scores

All SAT and ACT scores must be requested directly from the testing agency. NBHS cannot send any scores out.

Scholarship & FInancial Aid

The world of financial aid can be very overwhelming at times. The links we have listed below, we feel, will be helpful as you begin to explore your family’s opportunities as well as options.

FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid This web site will not only be where you go to file for federal financial aid but it also includes very useful information for both students and parents regarding college planning, useful timelines, glossary of terms and much, much more.

CSLF-Connecticut Student Loan Foundation This is another wonderful FREE site with information on college planning, financial aid, publications and tools, web resources and more. From the Home page click on Students and Parents. This area has an incredible amount of useful information.

FAST WEB: Scholarships, Financial Aid and Colleges Through this site you will find college financial aid information and conduct scholarship searches with their scholarship search engine. It’s worth the effort!!!

CFGNH-The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven From their Home site you can click on Grants and then on Scholarships. On the left hand side of the screen you can then click on Scholarship Search. Again, this site is worth the effort