Adding a Class

No student can be added to a class that is full. (If there is a compelling reason why the student must be enrolled in a section that is full, the Guidance Director must be consulted for permission to add the student.

Students must enroll in a new class within the first two weeks of the class beginning unless a class is being added because of a teacher recommended level change.

Students who add a class after the class has begun are responsible for making up any work that they have missed.

Students will come to their new class with a copy of their schedule initialed and dated by their counselor to indicate the date the class was added.

Pass/Fail Option

Students in grades 10-12 may have the option of taking certain courses on a Pass/Fail grading basis according to the following guidelines:

Only courses in the areas of Music, Art, Family & Consumer Sciences, Technology Education, and Business may be taken with the Pass/Fail option. The student may not have any final grades of "F" on their high school transcript.

The student must already be enrolled in the minimum number of credits required for their grade level.

6.0 for grades 10 & 11 5.75 for grade 12 A student cannot take a class on a Pass/Fail basis if the class meets a requirement for graduation. A maximum of 1.0 credit per year may be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

The student must request to take the class on a Pass/Fail basis during the course registration process of the previous year and must complete an application form to be reviewed b the course teacher, department leader, and Director of Guidance.

If the request is approved, the student should be aware that a grade of Pass will not be counted in the student's GPA or QPA, but a grade of Fail WILL count toward both GPA and QPA.

The student has the option of changing the Pass/Fail to a traditional letter grade up until the midpoint of the course.

Participation in the ERACE Program

Participation in the ERACE High School Diploma Program

The ERACE High School Diploma Program allows full-time students who are short on credits for graduation to complete one academic activity, which can be worth either 1.0 or 0.5 credits, to be used towards meeting NBHS graduation requirements. If the student's school counselor determines that the student would be eligible to graduate in June with a full course-load of classes taken at NBHS plus either 0.5 or .0 credit earned through ERACE, the student can complete a request form to be reviewed by the Principal. This determination MUST be made prior to the beginning of the student's Senior year. A student will not be allowed to apply for the program mid-way through the school year to make up for a class that they fail or otherwise lose credit for during their senior year.

In addition to the Request to Participate form, the student's counselor must also provide the Principal with the student's transcript through their Junior year and a copy of the student's proposed schedule for their Senior year.

Withdrawing from NBHS

Any student who is withdrawing from North Branford High School must complete a Withdrawal form. If a student owes books or materials for any class, he/she will not be given a copy of their transcript until the books and/or materials are returned or paid for.

Although not required by state statute for students 18 years or older, NBHS does require that a parent also signs the Withdrawal Form, regardless of the student's age. The NBHS Guidance Department believes that a parent's involvement in a decision as important as withdrawing is critical and requires the parent's signature for students 18 years or older to indicate their awareness of the student's decision.

Course Registration Procedures

Each year, beginning in the second semester, students in Grades 8-11 will begin the course registration process during which they will select their classes for the following year.

The Course Registration Procedure is as follows:

Students will be given a copy of the Program of Studies and a Teacher Recommendation form.

For all academic and leveled subject areas, students must obtain their current teacher's recommendation for the course/level they should request for the following year. If a student or their parent disagrees with the teacher's recommendation, they must discuss this with the teacher. Counselors are not allowed to override a teacher's recommendation unless directed to do so by an administrator.

After students have obtained all of the necessary teacher recommendations, they will be allowed to enter their course requests on-line using PowerSchool. Students and parents will be able to view their course requests on-line for a few weeks after they have been entered.

When all student requests have been entered, teachers will be given rosters of student requests for each course and will review the rosters to ensure that students have requested he correct courses/levels.

Once the master schedule has been finalized and counselors have worked with individual student schedules, final class rosters will be given to teachers for a final review.

Students will not have access to view their schedules until they are mailed home over the summer. At that time, students who want to make any changes to their schedule will have the opportunity to meet with their counselor before the beginning of the school year.

Courses Outside of NBHS

Students may earn credit for courses taken at other area high schools that can be used towards credit for graduation. Prior to enrollment in the course, HS administration must approve the course for credit. Students should not assume that any course taken outside of NBHS will be approved for credit. Students taking a pre-approved course outside of NBHS must also maintain the minimum credit requirement for their grade level taken at NBHS (6.0 credits for students in grade 9-11 and 5.75 credits for students in grade 12).