About the Test

Standardized test scores are frequently required as part of the college admissions process. The SAT is one of two tests that can be taken to fulfill that requirement. Like the PSAT, the SAT tests students in three areas: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Unlike the PSAT, the Writing section of the SAT requires students to actually write an essay. Each section of the SAT is scored on a scale of 200 – 800.

Registration and Administration

The SAT is administered several times throughout the year; test dates and registration deadlines are listed below. Students can register for the SAT by going to www.collegeboard.com. The SAT is not administered at NBHS, but students can choose from many nearby locations.

Students with Disabilities

Students who receive services for disabilities may be eligible to receive testing accommodations for the SAT. If you think you may be eligible, please see your school counselor for the appropriate application forms.